Welcome to Swipht

On-demand services just got better for small businesses with our zero overhead marketing platform!

Conventional on-demand services aren't as good for small businesses as they seem. Businesses scrambling or waiting around for last minute bookings do not give customers the experience they are hiring a business for. Swipht solves this by turning on-demand on it's head!

Customers can get incredibly better service from the businesses they hire when using Swipht's marketing system. Subscribe in the form below to get more information and an invitation to Swipht Beta testing.

Oh! the Perks

Zero Overhead

Register your business and post your empty schedule slots for free! You only pay us when a client walks in your door.

Marketing Power

Marketing power has been transferred to businesses that have more openings in their schedule.

Fast Booking

Booking new clients is a breeze. Auto generated text messages make for a "swipht" scheduling transaction!

And the Price?


Post an open appointment. Accept a patron's request for the appointment. Have the appointment. Cost of new customer acquisition is only $3.25.


If a patron follows you on Swipht, it will only cost $0.65 to book an appointment with that customer.


Isn't that charming!? A premium account with Swipht means you can book unlimited appointments each month of your membership at no extra charge!

Important Answers to Important Questions

The dude's name is Jimmy Toon and Jimmy Toon is me. All development and service provided by Swipht will be locally operated.

  • Free to register as a patron or user.
  • Free to register your business.
  • Free to post appointment times.
  • $3.25 for each appointment you book on Swipht.
  • $0.65 for each appointment you book on Swipht with patrons who follow you on Swipht.
  • If your monthly spend on appointments exceeds the price for premium membership, it might be a good time to upgrade. Swipht's monthly fee for premium membership is currently $39.99. Swipht Premium includes unlimited appointment bookings for each month you are a member.

  • Register yourself as a patron.
  • Add your business to your account.
  • Post available times in your schedule.
  • You will get a text message when a patron requests to book one of your available appointment times.
  • You can accept or deny the request using the link sent in that text message.
  • If you accept, a $3.25 or $0.65 charge (depending on if the patron follows your business) will be added to your cart. If you have a premium membership, your cart will remain empty and all charges are covered by your membership fee.
  • Next time you post an open appointment time, you will be prompted to indicate if the patron showed for the appointment.

Swipht gives you (the business owner) full reign on how much information you provide patrons. When you build your business's profile, we ask for links to every popular social media and marketing site. Swipht wants to ensure that patrons can get all the information they can possible want before hiring a local business.

Once an appointment is requested by a patron, it is no longer listed on Swipht. The business has three hours to respond to the request. If the request is not answered after three hours, the appointment will resume being listed. Of course, if the business accepts the appointment request, the appointment is removed indefinitely from the listing.

Since listing appointments is free, you may add or remove appointments as much as you like. If you list 20 appointments over the next week, 4 get booked, and you decide that's all you want, you can remove the other 16 appointments easily.

Professionals are at the mercy of thier licensing/governing bodies. These businesses are responsible for listing their licenses. This doesn't mean Swipht is going to be hands off about licensing. Swipht will know which professions require a license to operate. Businesses and their appointment listing will be required to post proper licensing to their profiles before their appointments will be listed on the Swipht platform. Any false licensing will be pursued with the fullest extent of the law.

After each accepted appointment time has passed, the business and the patron will be prompted to respond to one simple question. "Did (patron/business owner) respect your time?" The patron's/business owner's response to this question will build the other party's reputation. Reputation allows patrons and businesses to make decisions about requesting or accepting, respectively, appointments. Reputations can be healed as more appointments are made and schedules are respected. We know stuff happens.

Swipht uses SMS to verify account owners. Registered users with the intent to be a patron or business owner must verify a cell number before they can request appointments or add a business to their account.

Overhead is the financial obligation your business is under month to month in order to operate. Your brick and mortar, electric, payroll, and any other bills your business cannot escape without being forced to close your doors is your overhead. Marketing can or cannot be considered overhead by this definition. In almost all cases of marketing, your business will pay out money with no guarantee of a return. If your business maintains a constant marketing effort, it is likely you consider this an overhead cost. Swipht wants to be an expense to your business ONLY AFTER we have brought customers in your door. If that isn't enough, customers can completely circumvent the Swipht platform and we'll take no issue with it.

Swipht is built for small businesses owners by a small business owner, so the context under which the platform was created is going to make for a pretty good design. Where Swipht will get it's fine-tuning is from feed back from other small businesses. When you join in on the beta launch, you are part of adding that midas touch to Swipht.